Regional Compliance Manager In Automotive Finance

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1 Version 1 January 2020




Job Family: Compliance

Job Title: Regional Compliance Manager

Entity Scope: FCA Automotive Services UK Ltd

FCA Dealer Services UK Ltd

Leasys UK Ltd




The Regional Compliance Manager will be responsible for performing compliance audits and other

oversight activities to the FCA Automotive Services UK and Leasys UK Retailers and Brokers network

as part of the Intermediary Oversight framework, providing reports and on-going feedback to the

Compliance Manager.


This role is Field based and subsequently, there may be a requirement for travel, overnight stays and

periods away from home.




1. To verify that the regulatory requirements for on-boarding a new Retailer / Broker are met as

per the information received in the on-boarding pack and completion of the on-boarding

compliance checklist; where any compliance issues arise, the Regional Compliance Manager will

follow them up with the respective Retailers / Brokers.

2. To carry out on-site compliance audits with Retailers and Brokers on a risk based approach in

accordance with the plan as defined by the Compliance Manager, including, a review of

management information, customer files, systems, policies and procedures, etc.

3. To draft compliance audit reports for each Retailer / Broker, including the checks performed,

outcomes, issues detected and action plan (where required); to archive all evidences and

materials collected on-site in the compliance repository.

4. To discuss the final reports with the Compliance Manager before sharing with the Dealer /

Broker Principal, giving also advice / recommendation of any corrective actions.






2 Version 1 January 2020

5. To perform follow up activities on the execution of the action plan.

6. To perform ad hoc audits with Retailers and Brokers, where required by the Compliance

Manager and the Senior Management Team.

7. To monitor completion of regulatory training by Retailers and Brokers, including GDPR, SM&CR,

AML, Treating Customer Fairly, etc.

8. To support the Compliance Manager in the review of the mystery shopping / British Vehicle

Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) audits results and follow up with Retailers / Brokers,

where required.

9. To provide support in the on-going enhancement of the Retailer TCF Dashboard and to

periodically review the results and definition of action plan where required.

10. To liaise with the sales teams when conducting compliance audits to understand the Retailer /

Broker structure, finance products and previous / current or potential issues to be aware of.

11. To suggest updates to the Intermediary Oversight Policy and On-boarding Procedure, following

up on outcomes of field visits and compliance audits.

12. To make recommendations to the Retailers / Broker(s) Policies and Procedures in line with

Regulatory requirements and FCA Automotive Services and Leasys UK Policies and Procedures.

13. In the case of regulatory communications / guidelines issued to the (Retailer & Broker) network

by the Compliance Manager, the Regional Compliance Manager will act as the primary point of

contact for Retailer / Broker queries.

14. To keep appropriate records of all documents and materials collected on the field in the

compliance repository.

15. Such other duties as the management may from time to time reasonably require.






3 Version 1 January 2020



Reports to: Compliance Manager

Number of Reports: 0




 Educated to at least A level standard or equivalent.

 In depth knowledge of retail and contract hire finance products.

 Good knowledge of regulatory regime(s) and the requirements and guidance issued by the

regulatory bodies, including the Financial Conduct Authority and Information Commissioner’s


 Ability to translate said knowledge into suggestions and recommendations to Retailers and

Brokers to adopt and comply with such changes.

 Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and G-suite.

 The ability to train groups of staff, including retailers or brokers.

 Able to handle high conflict situations, to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

 To evidence a practical and collaborative approach.

 Previous experience in Compliance or Internal Audit roles is a must.

 SAF Advanced qualification would be desirable.







4 Version 1 January 2020

This job description describes the principal purpose and main elements of the job. It is a guide to the

nature and main duties of the job as they exist currently, but it is not intended as a wholly

comprehensive or permanent schedule and is not part of the contract of employment.


I agree that this job description accurately reflects my roles and responsibilities within FCA Automotive

Services UK Ltd, FCA Dealer Services UK Ltd and Leasys UK Ltd.

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