We will scout the land.

Client Process

We aim to form a long term partnership with our clients. We recognise that no individual company is the same and so take the time to understand each client’s aims and objectives, enabling us to recruit the team to achieve their success. We research the developments within your industry to inform your long term recruitment strategies, reviewing them to ensure that you remain ahead of the curve.

We ensure that we represent our clients throughout the process in a way which makes them proud to be in partnership with our team at Hamlin Knight. We use our wealth of experience to provide relevant advice and action to take the stress out of recruitment and form well-matched partnerships.

Throughout the process we ensure your confidentiality. We constantly communicate with you, ensuring that you are happy with your new recruits and growing team.

We tailor our processes to meet the individual needs of our clients; in general we include the following:

Initial Meeting & Advice

One of our specialist consultants will meet with you to ensure that they understand your current and future requirements. The consultant will get to know you, your working environment and the ethos of the company to match candidates to the culture of your company.  Using their experience within the local employment market, our specialist consultants can advise you on appropriate salaries and remuneration packages for your target candidates. We will agree the appropriate stages of the recruitment process to meet your needs and represent your business effectively.

Sourcing Candidates

Using the information that you have provided, we create a Position Profile which is in line with the role and responsibilities and reflects the ethos and culture of your company. We will use this for matching potential candidates and when presenting the role to them.

We actively approach candidates using four established methods:

  1. Through searching our pool of registered candidates.
  2. We invest in extensive advertising spend to place advertisements in the relevant media, in line with your business needs and the culture of the company.
  3. We subscribe to an online network of web advertising and recruitment websites, enabling your role to reach a wider audience.
  4. At Hamlin Knight we have a wealth of experience based at offices across the country. We work collaboratively and share knowledge to source well matched candidates, ensuring confidentiality throughout.

Candidate Interviews by Hamlin Knight

We personally interview all of our candidates to ensure that we understand their aims and motivations. So that both the candidate and ourselves get the most out of the interview, candidates are seen on an appointment only basis and interviews take place in private interview suites. Our interview procedure is incredibly thorough to ensure that we explore a candidate’s experience, skill set, qualifications, ambitions and career goals. We compare these against the culture and aims of our clients. As part of the process, candidates are given constructive and relevant advice about the current employment market and their chosen industry and career.

Presenting the Short-List

We present you with our list of suitable and fitting candidates in the manner that is most suited to you. We can telephone you to discuss the background and aims of the candidates that you are most interested in, or if you’d prefer we can discuss the entire short list in person. At this point in the process, timeliness and communication are an important priority and we recommend that you interview potential candidates sooner rather than later. Really great clients are understandably placed quickly.


In reviewing references we consider a candidate’s ability, skills, integrity and personal standards. For candidates applying for temporary assignments or contractual work, we always take at least two references. These are reviewed against the culture and objectives of our clients. For candidates seeking permanent positions we follow your lead. We recognise that in such circumstances you may prefer to follow your own referencing procedure, we are also happy to take up references and review them if you prefer.

Client Interviews & Candidate Briefing

We will arrange interviews with your chosen candidates from your short list on your behalf. We thoroughly brief the candidates before the interview to ensure that they are aware of your company and the job requirements. This means that you can spend your time concentrating on whether the candidate fits with the company’s aspirations. On your behalf, we feedback to the candidate following the interview. We gain their feedback on the position and their interest in the company for you.

Liaison & Negotiation

As in the interview process, we liaise between yourself and the candidate throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that communication is effective and timely to enable your team to grow as it needs to. We tactfully represent your company in handling rejected candidates. We also negotiate the terms of employment with your chosen candidate, to achieve a result which meets your company’s needs.

Following the selection of your chosen candidate, we remain in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure that the appointment is working out successfully.