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Record reduction in retail jobs – self-serving cost cuts or the shape of things to come?

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has made note of the fastest job reductions across the retail sector since their records began in 2008. Members of the BRC reported a 3% fall in employed staff over Q3 compared to the same time last year, while working hours fell by 4.2% against the previous year. So, what are the key influencers driving this downward trend? Technology and rising employment c... Read More

“Wing Wonder” Phoebe

Our very own “Wing Wonder” Phoebe has been in the papers on account of her outstanding performance at last Sundays Women’s Cup Match against Old Northamptonians - helping her team Kenilworth stay top of the table! Learn more about Phoebe, her approach to rugby and work:   So Phoebe, tell us about you! Phoebe Howles, 26 years old, born in Leamington Spa but brought up in Shipston-... Read More

Are interest rates finally going up again?

After a decade of cheap borrowing at a minuscule 0.25%, the BOE (Bank of England) has indicated that if economic conditions remain the same we are in for a rate hike in no time. But only a week ago, policymakers voted 7-2 in favor of maintaining the record low interest rate of 0.25%; however, in the face of the lowest unemployment rate since the 70's and UK pricing on the up - time maybe running ... Read More

The Hamlin Knight Diaries: Karen’s edition

The Hamlin Knight Diaries are back! This month we have an original member of the business taking the lead, someone who has been with us since 1999. A person who has helped shape and build our Southern Hub in Uxbridge while staying true to our founding principles – Karen Balmer, our hands on Operations Director! Karen will be talking about herself, how she has kept our Southern Hub thriving and h... Read More

Investment and employment confidence at lowest level since Brexit

A heady cocktail of immigration, financial and political issues have resulted in businesses being stretched thin to meet demand; 40% of employers surveyed said to have “absolutely no” spare capacity – The Recruitment & Employment Confederation reports "Businesses are continuing to hire to meet demand, but issues like access to labor, Brexit negotiations and political uncertainty are cre... Read More