Initial Meeting

· Specialist consultant will meet with you to discuss your requirements in depth.
· At this state the consultant can view your working environment to match candidates to fit into your company culture

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· Consultant will give you advice on salaries and remuneration packages, the local employment market and agree the stages of the recruitment process to meet your needs.
· At this state the consultant can view your working environment to match candidates to fit into your company culture.

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Position Profile

· We then draw up a Position Profile that is used for matching with potential candidates and for discussing the position with them.

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Sourcing Candidates

Your Recruitment Consultant has four key methods to source potential candidates for your position or assignment:

1. Searching our pool of registered job seekers
2. Using our extensive advertising spend to place advertisements in the relevant media
3. Utilising web advertising and recruitment websites, to which Hamlin Knight are subscribed
4. Liaising with other Hamlin Knight offices in the network

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Candidate Interviews by Hamlin Knight

· We always personally interview all prospective candidates
· Candidates are seen on an appointment basis only, in private interview suites
· Our interviewing procedure is very thorough; we explore experience, skill sets, qualifications, personal motivators, ambitions and career goals
· Candidates are given solid advice about the employment market and their career

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Presenting the Short-List

· We present suitable candidates to you, in the manner that suits you best
· We will telephone you to discuss the candidate(s) you are interested in upon your request
· Or , if you’d prefer us to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the entire short list in person
· Whichever route you choose, it is wise to interview potential candidates sooner rather than later. As always, great people are placed quickly!

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· Our references cover ability, skills, integrity and personal standards
· We always take at least two recent references on candidates who may work for us in Temporary Assignments, or on a contract basis
· Candidates seeking permanent positions we are happy to take up references, although some companies prefer to conduct their own referencing procedure

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Client interviews and Candidate Briefing

· We arrange your interviews with your chosen candidates from your short-list
· Most importantly, we brief and de-brief the candidates before and after the interview. This will ensure that they are aware of the company and the job requirements, so that your time is not wasted.
· We will also provide you with feedback direct from the candidates, based on their views and interest in the company and position itself.

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Liaison & Negotiation

· We act as your intermediary at all stages of the recruitment process, ensuring that communication is effective between all parties concerned
· We tactfully handle rejected candidates and negotiate with the terms of employment with your chosen candidate in order to achieve a positive outcome
· We will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to ensure that their employment is working out successfully

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· We ensure the strictest confidentiality at all stages of the recruitment process

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